Coolbet Open October 2018 Edition

October 2018

The second edition of Coolbet Open was played on 16-22 October in Tallinn.

Compared to the first Coolbet Open, the amount of players had grown quite significantly. The Main Event had 589 entries (425 in the first edition) and 466 unique players, and the prize pool had soared to €285,655.

The battle for the title became a Norwegian one with Mats Albertsen and Nicolai Aubert ending heads-up. The two had agreed on a deal on beforehand and Albertsen eventually took the title and €60,510. Aubert took €47,190 for second place.

Both players had won their entry to Coolbet Open by winning a package on

See the results from the Main Event here.

Side Events

In total there were 30 side events at Coolbet Open October 2018 edition. The biggest win in a side event was claimed by Sander Floris van Wesemael, who won the €1k Coolbet for €15,410. The Dutchman thereby continued his strong run in Tallinn as he came second in the Coolbet Open Main Event May edition for €33,000.

Among the big winners was also Estonian Tarmo Tammel, who managed to win two side events for a total score of more than €10k.

Winners of the side events:

Event #3, CoolBet WarmUp: Kaido Koorits, Estonia (€5.230)

Event #8, Coolbet Deep Stack FreezeOut: Tarmo Tammel, Estoina (€7,800)

Event #9, Hyper Turbo Unlimited Re-Entry: Sten-Erik Ottender, Estonia (€1,200)

Event #10, Five Card PLO Freezeout Bounty: Sami Tuomaala, Finland (€2.520)

Event #13, Archie: Katsuhiro Muto, Japan (€1,040)

Event #15, Turbo Unlimited Re-Entry: Jim Liljendal, Finland (€7,400)

Event #16, Coolbet Midnight Freezeout: Amanullah Tahiri, Finland (€2,390)

Event #19, Pokerisivut Open: Ronny Olsen, Norway (€12,200)

Event #20, Coolbet Deep Stack Special: Tarmo Tammel, Estonia (€3,467)

Event #21, 5 Card Omaha: Henri Käsper, Estonia (€5,100)

Event #23, Midnight Turbo Freezeout: Kim-Erik Pihl, Finland (€2,570)

Event #25, 1k Coolbet: Sander Floris van Wesemael, Netherlands (€15,410)

Event #26, Coolbet Ladies Event: Linda Lahdenpää, Finland (€1,514)

Event #27, Open Face Chinese: Børge Dypvik, Norway (€3,490)

Event #28, Bounties Freezeout: Andrus Kolomainen, Estonia (€2.201)

Event #29, Pot Limit Omaha: Younus Nadir Akid, Norway (€5,200)

Event #30, Coolbet Saturday Turbo: Marius Morell, Estonia (€2,609)

Event #31, Turbo Deep Stack Version Of Main Event: Erik Bøen Graudal, Norway (€1,504)

See the full results from the side events here.