Coolbet Open May 2019 Edition

May 2019

The third edition of Coolbet Open was played on 7-12 May in Tallinn but as the final table in the Main Event was set, there were flashbacks of the October 2018 event.

On the final table was the October winner Mats Albertsen as well as Mathias Siljander from Finland, who was third back then. And they would once again show that they are great poker players.

Albertsen was very close to a back-to-back win but had to settle with third place and €25,100. Siljander would not settle for just another podium finish this time and went all the way to claim the win and €60,100! Very impressive display by the two players as there was a total of 531 entries in the event!

See the results from the Main Event here.

Side Events

There were a total of 31 side events, where a trophy was given out in 21 of the events.

Two of the trophies went to Khaled Hammoud from Finland who is no stranger to win at Coolbet Open. At the May 2018 event he also managed to win two trophies, taking his total tally up to four trophies!

Among the winners were also Anders Auset from Norway, who won event 3. He later went on to finish second in the Main Event.

Winners of the side events:

Event 3, Coolbet Open WarmUp Event: Anders Auset, Norway (€4,305)

Event 8, Coolbet Open Deep Stack Championship: Joel Emil Lehtinen, Finland (€9,300)

Event 9, Coolbet Open Wednesday Turbo: Jens Henrik Riis, Denmark (€500*)

Event 11, The Drawmaha Championship: Peter la Terra, Sweden (€3,130)

Event 13, Coolbet Open Afternoon Turbo: Kai Viggo Bergersen, Norway (€1,850)

Event 15, Pot Limit Omaha: Daniel Lindholm, Finland (€5,150)

Event 17, Coolbet Open Thursday Turbo: Atte Kalevi Maijala, Finland (€2,110)

Event 20, Vimenn Open: Vegard Sivertsen, Norway (€14,650)

Event 21, PL Omaha 4 & 5 cards: Marko Keskel, Estonia (€2,330)

Event 22, Coolbet Open Deep Special: Reimo Pavel, Estonia (€3,690)

Event 23: 5 Card Pot Limit Omaha: Marius Morel, Estonia (€3,090)

Event 24, Midnight Bounty Turbo Freezeout: Vladimir Volov, Russia (€1,800)

Event 26, 1k Coolbet Open: Atte Hietaoja, Finland (€11,700)

Event 27, Coolbet Ladies Event: Pinar Mansouri, Norway (€1,360)

Event 28: Open Face Chinese Pineapple: Khaled Hammoud, Finland (€3,340) 

Event 29: Coolbet Open Bounty Freezeout: Lasse Sakari Aarninsalo, Finland (€2,277)

Event 30: Pot Limit Omaha: Ylva Thorsrud, Norway (€4,220)

Event 31, Coolbet Open Saturday Turbo: Fan Chunsan, China (€2,250)

Event 32, Short Deck Hold’em: Priit Tiirats, Estonia (€1,164)

Event 33: Turbo Deep Stack version of Main Event: Khaled Hammoud, Finland (€1,750)